AuthPro Version History
1.0 Released: 08/03/99
  • First release
1.5 Released: 09/09/99
  • First release with NT support
  • Advanced admin and configuration
1.6 Released: 11/04/00
  • Email field added to database
  • Lost password retrieval tool added
  • Mail all users of account tool added
  • Better support for .htaccess files
1.7 Released: 12/21/00
  • Accounts now can be managed by different holders without access to main admin functions (each account now have it's own login and password)
2.0 Released: 03/20/01
  • Auto login expiration by days,logins,unique IP's
  • Link protection feature (to secure whole directory or website without ever using .htaccess or other type of server access protection)
2.1 Released: 06/14/01
  • Registration date field added to users database
  • You can send login expiration notification automatically (cron is required)
  • Restrict access to multiple IP's changed: now count only subnets to allow users with dynamically allocated IP addresses access protected area many times.
2.2 Released: 07/22/01
  • Improved admin interface to handle 'many-users' accounts
  • Automatically update .htaccess file with expiration options set (cron is required)
  • Other minor bugfixes and suggestions implemented
2.3 Released: 11/01/03
  • Real-time access checking with .htaccess protection (cron is not required anymore)
  • Additional protection for member's area pages using link protection - JavaScript page protection code

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