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With AuthPro you can securely protect your member's area, folders, download files from unauthorized access and password sharing. AuthPro supports two types of protection: .htaccess (server-based authorization) and built-in login script with unique protection features.
Whenever you're going to use .htaccess or built-in AuthPro protection AuthPro will always help you to keep your protected area secure and accessed only by registered users.

.htaccess protection features

  • Protects folder and all it's subfolder's files automatically (controlled by your webserver, popup window will ask for login and password once protected area is entered)
  • Checks every login in real-time and disables access immediately if password sharing is detected

Built-in AuthPro protection features

  • Your own-designed nice login form
  • All your member's area links are encrypted, your users will never guess your real member's area location
  • All links can be expired after a specified amount of time

For a complete list of AuthPro script features, click here

To see online demo of AuthPro script, click here

To check server requirements for installing and running AuthPro, click here

With your AuthPro purchase you'll also get:

  • Free installation on your server
  • Free customization/tuning:
    • connect registration form to your payment processing company
    • configure link protection for your member's area specific coding (if necessary)
    • free unlimited access to new versions (professional upgrade available for a small fee)

We can also make any custom modifications to AuthPro script you need to completely suit all your website requirements.

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