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General questions
Login/protection questions
Member registration questions
Deluxe account questions

General questions

How many members can I have with free account and how much deluxe account costs?
You can have up to 10 members with free account and unlimited number of members with deluxe account. Deluxe account costs $4.95/monthly or $12.95/quarterly or $47.95/yearly.

Is AuthPro compatible with my website builder / hosting service?
If there is feature/widget in your website builder to insert custom html codes to your pages, this is all you need to use authpro service on your website.

I wonder how your company handles personal information that is submitted. I want to make sure that you do not sell or otherwise distribute this information to third parties such as mailing lists, telemarketers, etc...
We do not sell or otherwise distribute any personal information collected on our site.

Do you have a customer support telephone number?
Our goal is to give all of our users the support they need. At this time, we are best able to respond to our users' needs by email. Please use our contact form if you have any questions or concerns. Your can also open support ticket from your AuthPro account manager. We will review your message and follow up as soon as possible.

How can I change my AuthPro account username?
You can change username here.

How can I cancel my AuthPro account?
Please fill out cancellation form at bottom of this page.

Login / protection questions

Can I protect multiple web pages with only one account?
Yes you can protect multiple pages if they're linked to the main member's 'entrance' page. You can also specify personal login URL to each member.

How can I setup different login URLs for different members?
You can go to 'Members' section of your account manager and there you can set different URLs for different members.

How can I protect my member's pages from being bookmarked and accessed without login first?
In order to protect a page from being accessed without login you should insert JavaScript 'page protection' code. You should insert this code in all pages you want to protect. You can find this code in your account manager ('Member's page protection code' link)

I'm using page protection code on my member's page and I'm receiving complaints from my members that they can't login using their login and password.
In order to login to member's area protected with page protection code cookies must be enabled in the browser. Also there may be an issue with very strict privacy settings in IE 6.0 resulting in not accepted third-party cookies. To solve it, enable IP authorization in your page protection settings.

I've added page protection code but it's still possible to bookmark the password protected page. Did I forget anything?
Yes it can be bookmarked but this bookmark will not work in next browser session without login.

I've added page protection code but I can still access the pages without being asked for login and password.
If you have logged in you can access protected page until you restart your browser or, if you have enabled IP authorization in your page protection settings, until your session expires. To close your session immediately you need to leave members area using 'Logout' link.

Can you explain how the "Also allow logins from account" feature works?
This can be used if you want members of one account (A) to access members area protected with protection code from another account (B). In this case in account B settings check "Also allow logins from account A"

When I try to enter my member's username and password I get the following error message: "404 Not Found."
Make sure you have properly setup your member's area URL on the 'Members Defaults' page. It must be in form:
Please note that it must start with 'https://' or 'http://' prefix.

When I logged in to my members area, it displayed Authpro website URL in browser address bar, I thought it would show my website address.
If you want to display URL of your website in address bar, set 'Hide URL' option to 'no hide' in your login settings.

Can I display members data on protected members area pages?
Yes you can display information collected from your members when they login to members area using Javascript variables loaded with page protection code. Click here for more details.

Member registration questions

When members sign up to a membership in my account what will be the address of the page they will go to?
Default successful and failed login URLs will be assigned to new members. You can set them in your account manager on the 'Settings' page. On the 'Members' page of your account manager you can set custom URLs for each member if you want.

Can I use your service without the registration and cancellation features?
Yes you can disable both registration and cancellation pages and manage your members manually using your account manager.

How can I add extra fields to the registration form?
You can add more fields to registration form using 'Setup Wizard' or 'Form Editor' tool Registration form Settings page. If you'll need any assistance doing this, you can send us list of fields you want to add we'll update your registration form. If you have deluxe account, you can copy sample html code for registration form and edit it as you want and add more fields to collect additional information from your members.

Is my registration form encrypted? Can I collect money from my members using your service?
Yes, AuthPro registration page is encrypted by default (make sure it's URL starts with https:// prefix). AuthPro does not provide payment processing services but you may setup integration with third-party processing services, such as PayPal, Stripe or any other listed in our supported membership payments processing companies list.

How can I send registration form results to multiple email addresses?
You can separate multiple emails by commas like ","

What is the difference between "New member" and "Verified member"?
When new members added to database they are got 'not verified' status which means they take default settings for 'new members'. You can keep them 'not verified' or change to 'verified', and they will take default settings for 'verified members'. You can change them to 'verified' from your account manager or link on your new member notification email ("admin approve", see setup tips, p.4) or you can email verification link to them then they register (this can be used to verify that they have entered valid email address, see setup tips, p.3). You can configure default settings for new and verified members on 'Settings' page of your account manager.

Is there any way to import a large number of user names and passwords?
Yes, now we support importing member's databases for deluxe account. Go to your account manager, member's editor and click on 'Import' link for more information.

Deluxe account questions

I have deluxe account. How can I put the login, registration and other form on my site?
When you login to your account manager you'll find [HTML] popup links next to your login, registration and other URLs. Click on these links to get HTML code which you can copy/paste to your website.

I want to use my own html code for login screen, is it possible to connect it with AuthPro?
Yes, just send us html code you like and we'll send you updated code connected with your AuthPro account.

I purchased the deluxe version, but I have the "This page is hosted by AuthPro. Get your own for free!" message at the bottom of my registration and login pages. How do I remove these?
You can edit/remove footer message on 'Design' page of your account manager (common settings table).

I am using 'http load' hide URL option and I got broken images...
You have to use full URL address in your <img src> tags.

I need to change my payment details with you. How do I do this?
To update your billing information you should login to your account manager and click on deluxe [update] link that can be found on your 'Account' page.

How can I cancel deluxe account?
To cancel your deluxe account you should login to your account manager, click on deluxe [update] link and then on 'Cancel deluxe account' button.

Is there any way I can email or send a message to all subscribed members?
At this time you can only export all email addresses and send them email using any mailing program.

How can I get list of my members emails separated by comma's only?
To get list of your members email addresses separated by comma, go to Members Export page and only check these boxes: "Export email address", "Export only members with valid email address", and put comma as "Records separator". Click here for example.

How can I import my members in bulk?
You can use Members Import page to upload your members or you can send us your members list file and we'll add it to your account