Create Zapier Integrations

With Zapier you can create automated workflows with AuthPro and over 3000 other web apps.

If you already have Zapier account, you can use this link to connect with AuthPro App.

If you do not have Zapier account yet, you can signup for free here.

Triggers and actions

Zapier uses concept of triggers and actions to connect two or more apps to automated workflows (Zaps). Trigger is an event that starts a Zap, which runs one or more actions in connected Apps. Here are triggers and actions supported by AuthPro App:

  • Trigger: New Member - activate Zap when a new member is added to your AuthPro account
  • Trigger: Canceled Member - activate Zap when a member has canceled their membership, expired and deleted or removed in account manager.
  • Action: Create Member - creates new member in your account with data passed from another app

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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