Paid membership website integration with Stripe

Stripe is popular online payment processing service for internet businesses. Setting up AuthPro and Struipe integration is quick and easy:

1. Configure Stripe integration in your AuthPro account

Login to your AuthPro account manager, go to 'Pages' -> 'Registration' page and check "Enable payment processing gateway support" box in your registration settings. Select "Stripe" option and click "Configure" button. Set your publishable and secret keys (you can get them in your Stripe dashboard: Developers - API keys page) and cancel payment URL (required by Stripe API).

You will also need to activate Stripe webhooks to confirm payments and add new members to your account.

2. Create payment buttons or subscriptions and get HTML code to publish on your website

You can create as many payment buttons as you need, they will be added to Stripe dashboard and stored in your AuthPro account.

3. Publish HTML codes generated in AuthPro account on your website.

After successful payment new members will be automatically added to your AuthPro account and can access your members area.

4. Membership cancellation.

Your members can cancel their subscription using AuthPro membership cancellation form. Their subscription plan will be automatically canceled in Stripe account.

If you want to automatically remove members with failed subscription payments, please check Subscriptions and emails settings in your Stripe account: "Subscription status" (If all retries for a payment fail) should be set to "Cancel subscription".

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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