How to add login and registration pages to your Google Sites Website

Unfortunately you can't use AuthPro protection code to simply 'lock' your pages, but you can still add login form to your Google Site to send members to hidden page of your website. You may also want to add registration form for new members so they can create an account and access your hidden pages. If you do not have an AuthPro account, you can sign up here.

Step 1: Add login form to your Google Site

Open your Google Sites website page where you want to add AuthPro login form, select Insert -> Embed (by URL) tool on the right sidebar and paste your login form URL:

You can copy login form URL on Account dashboard page in your AuthPro Account Manager.

Embedded Login form will have links to 'Registration' and 'Password reminder' pages by default, but if you want to add them on separate page in your Google Site, you can embed them same way as login form.

If you're linking to hosted login form instead of embedding it to Google Sites, please make sure 'Hide URL' option is set to 'No hide' and 'Open login form result' is set to 'Top frame' or 'Blank page' in your AuthPro account login settings to avoid members page load issues (Google Sites does not allow embedding it's website content within a frame).

Step 2: Create hidden page on your Google Site

Create new or locate existing members only page in Google Sites 'Pages' menu, open page options drop down and select 'Hide from navigation' option:

Step 3: Configure members area URL in your AuthPro account

Open 'Members' -> 'Defaults' page in your AuthPro Account Manager and paste your hidden Google Sites page URL as 'Authorization passed URL' for New and/or Verified members:

Check login form settings: open 'Forms' -> 'Login' page and make sure "Hide URL" option is set to "No hide" and "Open login form result" is set to "Blank page", otherwise your members will not be able to access your members area URL after login:

Check our Demo website for example of adding AuthPro login system to Google Sites:

View demo website

Watch demo video

Protecting members only content

As we mentioned earlier, it not possible to hide members only page URL or install AuthPro protection code on Google Sites, but you can protect your members area content with our HTML encoder tool.

Please contact us if you have any questions.